The magic of Christmas is fruit of everyone’s wand wave

I had been thinking a lot about in which way I should start this post or even if I should write it in an informal style or not. As usual, I have ended up writing my thoughts seeking inspiration to keep on writing or, at least, wishing that the people who read it feel like if I was speaking personally with them here in Nepal.

In three days, my parents and my sister – as well as a lot of families in all the world – will have dinner together, next to the Christmas tree; they will sing carols and give each other presents. The streets will be crowded and the shining lights will make the night seems like morning time. In the meanwhile, here in Khanikhola, we will be busy on preparing exams (oh, yes, it is exam period!) and finding ten minutes to practice some volleyball (we all deserve a break, right?). There are no lights shining during night and the road is full of… trucks! But, in any case, the 25th we will all remember the magic gathered many miles away.

Most of the students in the Superb Catalyst Academy know about Christmas; in fact, it is national holiday here in Nepal, but they barely celebrate it – unless they are Christians – in the way we (westerners) do. It is difficult for them to imagine how a round old man, dressed in red and white clothes, is able to go down the chimneys of all the houses and leave presents for everyone … driving a reindeer sledge and eating all those cookies and milk! How cannot any kid see him? And how can he go out and in of the houses with such a big stomach without making any noise? If I explained them that some days after, three oriental kings come to Spain accompanied by three camels bringing more presents, the students would think I am the best joker in SCA (with the permission of Rajan; an almost professional comedian attending class 10).

In any case, if there is something special during these days is the magic energy that children are willing to feel. Somehow, this sensation has been also present in SCA during these last months, bearing in mind that, despite the bus accident, the consequences of the earthquake and the critical economical conditions of most of the students’ families, these children had been able to come to school and continue their educational path, thanks to the contribution of many people in means of volunteer work, good wishes, material support and, mostly, personal sponsorships.

This last ones have been making feel children and families some kind of magic they are not able to see or feel. Most of them are aware of their incapacity to pay the school fees or the school tracksuit if they want to cover their basic needs but, again, they are given the chance to keep their children in SCA. That’s how the magic of Christmas is somehow always present in Khanikhola, thanks to the wave of the people’s wand to convert themselves in the personal Santa Clause of these kids. However, there are still a lot of them who need this magic wave in order to keep on attending the school.

That is why, in this special post, we would like to share with you their cases, introduce them in the most familiar way and hope that you will wave your magic wand to convert yourselves in their sponsors during the time you wish. Here you will be able to know them and have more information about their situation;

From our side, it is only left to thank all the people who has supported the school and these amazing kids during all the year and to welcome anyone who would like to get involved in SCA. We wish you all Merry Christmas and we send you our best wishes for the upcoming year!

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