Welcome to the home of Superb Catalyst Academy, a community-based School in the heart of Khanikhola, Nepal.

Superb Catalyst Academy was founded by its Principal, Ajay Rimal, in 2006 in his family town of Khanikhola, 2 hours west of the capital Kathmandu. Superb Catalyst Academy is a government registered English medium school with over 250 students that range from nursery to Grade 10 (age 4-16).


We want to develop our community and combat poverty by educating young people through active involvement in education, including; women’s issues, waste management, health, agriculture, languages, cultures, lifestyles, music, games and sports, the environment and its sustainability.


We have pioneered the use of international volunteers to teach within our school, which has immensely improved our student’s language abilities and allowed them to interact with people of other cultures. Using volunteers from all over the globe exposes our children to a range of valuable skills and experiences, and gives them a broader world view whilst fostering a shared passion for education.


Our volunteers support the Academy by taking lessons, helping with administration and positively engaging with the children. If you’d like to be a volunteer or find out more about volunteering at the Superb Catalyst Academy, then read our posts on volunteering and email us at


Most of our student body are from extremely rural areas of the Dhading Valley, and can travel up to 3 hours a day to come to school. We accept students from all over the local area. Our bus service enables children from all over the valley to connect with education opportunities at SCA. Once our students graduate from the Academy, they reinvest in the community by teaching and mentoring the young classes for 2 years post graduation. This sustainable cycle encourages success and provides positive role models for our students.


Many of our students are from extremely poor families, living on less than $1 a day. Some of them receive scholarships to attend the Academy, but unfortunately, that is not possible for everyone due to the limitations of our funding arrangements. Therefore, we do respectfully ask if you can afford any amount, large or small, we would gratefully receive your kind donation.

If you’d like to support us, then please make a pledge here.