Aayushma Kunwar – Sponsored by Sharon & Salvatore Raffa

aayushmakunwar214555554_723628831109840_1738326023_nAayushma has got a special smile. Despite her shyness, she gets involved in all the activities proposed in class one.

She is a sweet and so hard-working person. She has grown up in a lovely and natural context and she is in her way to discover what are her likes and dislikes about the world. She is quite, really honest and curious and she loves playing with her friends.

She is the youngest of a really hard-working family. Her mum works every day non-stop to cover the needs of the family because, unfortunately, her dad is jobless. However, they both want their daughters (Reshma and her) to get a good education and further opportunities. Their home suffered a lot the consequences of the earthquake but they cannot go anywhere else.

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