Biraj Lama – Sponsored by Miguel Llargues Sabater and Tudis Masachs from Spain

biras-lamaThanks to the amazing generosity and sponsorship of Miguel Llargues Sabater and Tudis Masachs from Spain, Biraj can look forward to a bright future at Superb Catalyst Academy.

Biraj is the youngest of 3 siblings. He is now six years old and he comes to school every day, together with his brother Bishowraj and sister Makhamali, thanks to the bus which reaches far areas of the rural zone.

Despite his young age, Biraj has to face many difficulties at home, like dealing with the illness of his father.

In the school, he finds a peaceful and appropriate place to grow and develop his talent.


Biraj est le cadet de la famille. Il a six ans et il vient a l’école chaque jour, avec son frère Bishowraj et sa soeur Makhamali, grâce au autobus.

Malgré sa jeune âge, Biraj doit faire face à plusieurs difficultés chez lui comme, par exemple, vivre la maladie de son père.

À l’école, il trouve un milieu tranquil et approprié pour grandir et développer ses dots.

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