Srijala Rupakheti – Sponsored by Tine Stavely

srijala214556017_723627194443337_1648823314_nSrijala’s life situation is one of those which needs special attention. When she was very young, her parents split up and married other people. They both left home, leaving Srijala under the guard of her grandparents. They actually live with her but they cannot afford nor sustain the development of her scholar and daily life. Sometimes she receives food and school material from the school and, thanks to the gratitude of Tine Stavely, her sponsor, she is able to continue her studies in Super Catalyst Academy.

This lovely five year old girl is extraverted and kind. She likes talking with people. Despite she has not good environment at home to be educated or to have study habits, at school, she shows a lot of potential and effort to improve and learn. We are glad that she can continue coming and growing with us.

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