Spanish Chocolate & Superb Catalyst!

After Dashain and Tihar festival it can be difficult to come back to school. Students and teachers restart their routines with joy but with a little bit of nostalgia due to the long time spent at home or visiting their relatives, dancing, playing …

However, this reentrée has had a sweet touch thanks to the contribution of the Spanish company Paladín. This brand from the Idilia company, which produces and distributes chocolate around the world, has sent hundreds of individual packs of chocolate powder to the Superb Catalyst Academy. ALL the students, teachers, staff, friends have been able to taste and enjoy this delicious and wonderful chocolate from one of our volunteer’s country.

The surprise and emotion reflected on our student’s faces cannot be most rewarding and making us feel warm and happy. That is why we want to publicly thank you Idilia for the kindness of your company and, especially, the effort and implication of Georgina; the company’s contact and responsible for this beautiful welcoming to this new season.

Nothing left to say… sometimes, like it is said in Spanish, una imagen vale más que mil palabras (A picture is worth a thousand words) or, in this case, a short video with some images, expressions, reactions and a lot of joy!

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