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Climate change is affecting us all

Here at Superb Catalyst, we’ve been affected by the climate change that has given us another year of crazy weather. Our volunteer home is where people from all around the world come to help us at our Academy, teaching children a global perspective on life and knowledge. We’ve seen the...
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We are planting seeds

My stay at Global Home and Superb Catalyst Academy in Khanikola, Dhading, September 2017. I had the honor and the privilege to stay one week with Ajay and Bina and Emi, this amazing, inspiring and lovely family in Khanikola, Dhading in Nepal. I arrived late the first evening and Ajay, Bina and...
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Jack & Sophie at Superb Catalyst

Similar to others who have had the pleasure of staying here, it is hard to summarise in words the experience that we had over the course of a month (which was far too short a period of time to stay) Ajay and Bina are two gems; loving, thoughtful, open minded and above...
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My time in globalhome, Khanikhola

I lived and worked in Kathmandu for an organization for five months in 2016, but it wasn’t teaching, which is my passion. I met Michael (another volunteer at Superb Catalyst Academy) in Kathmandu, and he told me about this school and the opportunity of teaching and living in Khanikhola, which...
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Namaste Sir

Let me tell you about my time in Khanikhola, Nepal at the Superb Catalyst Academy The five letters in Nepal stand for ‘Never Ending Peace And Love’. This statement turns out to be absolutely true when one is visiting the wonderful regions of this country, especially in the rural and...
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