Climate change is affecting us all

Here at Superb Catalyst, we’ve been affected by the climate change that has given us another year of crazy weather.

Our volunteer home is where people from all around the world come to help us at our Academy, teaching children a global perspective on life and knowledge.

We’ve seen the world being hit with crazy weather patterns, with extremes being seen all over. Unfortunately, this year, it’s hit us too.

Heavy rains have washed away the access path to our volunteer home, meaning we’ve had to evacuate the building.

What we’re asking for is for you to help us with $10. If we can raise just $600, we can get more machinery in to help us fix and secure the ground. This will allow us to get more volunteers in to further help repair the damage caused by the monsoon.

We have set up a fundraising site with IndieGoGo to help us organise it. Please see our post at

If you can help us in any way, please contact us or email us at

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