Helena Cobos

Dark. It was dark when I arrived in Khanikhola one week ago.

However, I could smell the green colour I could not see until the next morning.

The journey from Kathmandú had been long but stimulating. Ajay and Shekhar had come to pick me at the airport and immersed me in the chaotic but mystic reality of Nepal, the adventure had already started.

The first night I realised that I was really far from home, but I still felt like at home. I continued having the same feeling next day when I arrived at the school. There is where you start to fully understand why you have decided to leave, and go to Khanikhola.

Classes built by teachers, students and families. Material resources used creatively to cope with the lack of it. Passion and engagement from the school board and the ancient students that now are teachers. Unlimited energy and smiley children. These are the four meaningful features of Super Catalyst Acadamy that I have experienced and discovered so far.

I am sure there are more and I am willing to know and experience them as well. It is now only 7 days since I arrived but I already feel that somehow and someway I start to belong in here. Let’s see what beautifully comes from now.

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