We are planting seeds

My stay at Global Home and Superb Catalyst Academy in Khanikola, Dhading, September 2017.

I had the honor and the privilege to stay one week with Ajay and Bina and Emi, this amazing, inspiring and lovely family in Khanikola, Dhading in Nepal.

I arrived late the first evening and Ajay, Bina and Emi welcomed me warmly at their wonderful Global Home uphill in the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayas in Nepal.

Waking up in the morning with some yummy milk tea just enjoying the stunning view on the snow peaks of the Himalayas for some time was just breathtaking.

The peaceful village Khanikola with their welcoming citizens is much more than authentic, it’s the simple and enjoyable life in its purest essence. I’m feeling Shanti everywhere…


Ajay and me shared a lot of thoughts during my stay, especially on political sciences and I learned more about his perspectives and his way of thinking. The way how he sees the world and how everything and everybody is connected was very interesting. These exchanges -especially about globalization, political and economical challenges in Nepal and all over the world and what it needs to make our world a better place-, were more than eye opening. It’s our future to interact globally as equal friends, with an honest intuition and a true purpose. By doing so we will be able to live our life’s every day with a noble intention while listening and following our hearts with passion for what we want to achieve.

While participating in the Superb Catalyst Academy for a couple of days, I was lucky to meet lots of their talented, individual young students, no matter what backgrounds they are coming from. These days they had exams and were very focused. While a sitting in front of the classroom, I kept observing every girl and boy, how they were trying to find the right answers to the questions on their exam papers, everybody were concentrated, sometimes struggling with finding the right answers, proud when they succeeded a task. Before or after the exams the students and me spent some time chatting on the schoolyard and I learned more about their unique personalities, their dreams and curiosity and their warm hearts. 

Experiencing these days with the kids was truly amazing and I find hope when I look into their eyes because they are our future and they will make a change.

The teachers, Ajay and Bina are educating these young individuals in a very giving and loving way and help them to grow. They believe in them and their dreams. So all together they are planting constantly the seeds which are needed for pursuing a good and inspiring life of these children – full of love and peace and a good purpose.

I admire the team of Superb Catalyst Academy and I’m grateful that I had the chance to learn from their work and their positive energy. They opened my mind even more for the importance of diversity, sharing, never ending (life-) education and the need to just never stop to learn from each other.

Thank you very much for making me a part of it!






Yvonne van Diepen, Germany

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