Clean Khanikhola Project

This last Thursday, the United States elected their new president, Donald Trump. Regardless of the polls and the public opinion, he won. In the Superb Catalyst Academy the students from class 7 had the opportunity to speak openly and to comment upon the results of the elections and the ideas that the candidate had in mind.

Whilst having an interesting conversation about politics, I asked them what would they do if they were Nepal’s president. That is how the students started to share their ideas and wishes for their country. All this happened the same Thursday afternoon while we were sitting on the grass, receiving the sunlight and enjoying the presence of the himmals. It was really exciting listening, and participating in their conversation.

One of the points that appeared over and over again was the fact of fighting for a cleaner and less polluted environment. All the students agreed with the need to clean the streets, recycle the plastic and reduce the ecological trash in our community.

The day after, they were given a small piece of paper where they had to write down the ideas and wishes they had in mind regarding the achievement of a cleaner environment and the possibility to be Nepal’s president one day. Here you can read their wonderful ideas:

As you can observe, many of them share the same ideas and would try to change the same weaknesses they find in their country. On the other hand, concerning the improvement of environment’s state, they wrote down some actions and procedures that would be positive and effective – according to their opinion – to implement a system to clean the places where they normally cohabitate; the school, the streets of Khanikhola, their own house…

Here you can see all their ideas related to this specific topic.

Inspiring, right? They are the future of Nepal, they are aware of the country’s demands and they decided to do something to contribute to improve it. An idea without action … remains an idea. It is difficult to experience any change if the individuals are just thinkers and not agents of action. That is why Sjrisana, Tara, Reshma, Nomuna, Sakar, Bijay, Suzan, Bijay and Rooshan decided to act.

They found the means to do so by creating different advertisements and drawings regarding the need of cleaning the streets and avoiding polluting the water and the air by burning plastic. Here there are their advertisements; pictures and words.


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