Like another Sunday … or not.

As usual, we came to the school for extra classes at 7:30 am. After finishing the class, we discussed some problems with our principal, Mr Ajay, in the office. Outside, Helena, a Spanish volunteer, was arranging a lot of books. After the discussion, we all entered the classroom preparing for the Science class. Suddenly, Helena entered our classroom and we all were excited as she always prepares new plans and gives tasks to us.

picture1x1At that special day, she came to our class to share with us her plan; the establishment of our school’s library. After that, we came to know why she was managing books outside the office!picture1x2

We helped her to arrange the books according to age and grade but it was not finished yet. There was another room full of books, computers, etc. First, we all thought that would be the new library but afterwards, we discovered that another room (previously class 7) was more suitable and had more potential.

So, despite coming into a room with low light and a bit dirty, we started to work enthusiastically. We took out a cardboard placed on the window to have more light and make the room brighter.

picture1x3We all cleaned it and made it neat. We were also searching for a carpet and other materials needed for the new library. Luckily, we found the carpet and cleaned it because it was full of dust. We set up that carpet on the floor and, afterwards, we brought out a rack from the store room, cleaned it and we began to place the books we had arranged earlier. We all again cleaned the library and hung some old certificates and Nepal’s flags. Finally, the library was ready and we all were very happy.picture1x7

We don’t even know how much time has passed that day. It was so much fun working with Helena! We all, students from class 10, as well as the rest of students in the school, were very happy.

Thank you, Cath Pearce, for sending all those books from England and to all the other volunteers who had helped to make this come true. Especially, we are very thankful for having a library in the school and being able to share the knowledge. Also, we would like to give big thanks to Helena, who prepared this plan and worked with us. The library would not have been ready in one day without you!

Prativa, Arena, Subina, Sarita, Sarmila, Sabita, Makhmali, Anuj, Saw Chin and Rajan.




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