Partnering with Idilia

Smell and taste are two senses that can make us travel to many different places and picture faces of people with whom we have shared special moments.

That is why I did not hesitate to come to Nepal with one source of this feeling; my grandma’s favourite chocolate powder. When we first tasted it together with my new family in Khanikhola, the expressions in our faces were spreading pleasure, happiness and joy. “Egdom mito chha” (It is super tasty) were their first words. A Catalan volunteer in a Nepali family, enjoying a delicious product from Spain.

What if all the children in the school could taste it and enjoy it?

With this idea in mind, we contacted with the Catalan company Idilia foods, which produces the chocolate powder I brought; Paladín a la taza. At least, we had to try to make them aware about how they were present in a completely different reality and I shared my idea with them.

Their answer, personalized in a woman called Georgina, was quick, enthusiastic and proactive. “What a nice email! We would love to send you some chocolate powder! How can we work on this together?” An then we knew that a new connection had already been established.

The following events and correspondences built the path through which a box full of individual chocolate powder packs crossed all Europe and half Asia until reaching Khanikhola. The same smell and taste were then present in hundreds of people thousands miles away from its origins. There are no boundaries when a special connection is made by love.

Not only it made possible to draw endless smiles in children’s faces or to spread in all the classrooms a smell that made all the people close their eyes, it also brought health. Regardless the taste, the chocolate powder gives these children a source of energy and nutrients that, unfortunately, many of them are not able to receive in their daily lives. Some of them lack a balanced and proper diet. Others cannot afford a small sip.

However, thanks to this altruistic and boundless contribution, we may one day all travel where this smell and taste guide us. Some may picture the school in Nepal, others will travel to Spain.

In any case, we now all share a special memory thanks to Georgina and all the Idilia foods’ team and that is why the presence of their logo in the Superb Catalyst Academy’s partners list means a lot for us.

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