Superb Food at Superb Catalyst

One of the most interesting and delicious features of a culture is, without doubt, the gastronomy. Here in Nepal, I am enjoying a wide variety of dherei mito food. When I taste a new dish I always think.. oh my god, I wish I could know how to cook it once I will leave. However, learning all the recipes is not easy. That is why I asked the help of the students in class 7 and 10 to create a cooking book with different Nepali recipes. You can already imagine which has been their answer …

Oh! But do not think it was only about Nepali food. Very proudly, I also wanted to show my dear students how to cook the most typical dish in Spain; tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelet). We exchanged our gastronomic knowledge in the class and the result was a beautiful and special morning working on a different topic.

After watching a short video about how to prepare a delicious tortilla de patatas, the students started to work together in order to write down the most delicious and special recipes.

Would you like to read their fantastic recipes? Above you are able to see their creations and how they put all the effort on writing them.

And, why not, you can try to cook them at home also. I assure you they are really yummy!

Thank you chefs!


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