Jack & Sophie at Superb Catalyst

Similar to others who have had the pleasure of staying here, it is hard to summarise in words the experience that we had over the course of a month (which was far too short a period of time to stay) Ajay and Bina are two gems; loving, thoughtful, open minded and above all – a hard working pair.

The school itself really touched home with us from the first moment I ducked through the very small gate (small for me, Sophie also managed to bang her head) The children and the environment in which they develop as global citizens is truly amazing. Be prepared to say “hello” at least 25 times a day and have your smile at the ready – although both of which will be no struggle at all, as you’ll learn. When Ajay further explained the concept and ethos behind the school, we fell in love with it all over again. Both Ajay’s and Bina’s ‘never turn a child away’ attitude really hit home with us, having worked with an education provider with the same mentally previously. To say both have a huge heart is an understatement – and it is both who often go without, so others may have just a chance at a better life.

We could go on all day about the school but we’ll leave it there and let you be the judge yourselves. Emi, their daughter, is also a bundle of joy – and is a great help when going to the shops, as you may well need a translator. Above all, she is a fantastic little dancer, a brain box in school, and is a child who we know will go far in life.

Nights were spent talking endlessly about politics, sport, life, religion – the list goes on, eating Bina’s delicious food (although I will add the kitchen ran like a dream on boy’s nights) I can’t recommend sharing you

r life with these very special people enough. It’s not good bye, it’s I’ll see you soon.

Both their family and ours, has just grown further and we can’t wait to come back in the near future.

Jack & Sophie.

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