Welcome to the home of Superb Catalyst, an educational movement started by its founder Ajoy Rimal in the rural town of Khanikhola, Nepal.

Superb Catalyst’s goal is to increase education within rural communities through their active involvement in teaching Women’s issues, waste management, health, agriculture, languages, cultures, lifestyles, music, games and sports, the environment and its sustainability.

Rural Nepal is an extremely poor place, with many families surviving on less than 1 US Dollar per day. Ensuring that children are not left behind and are offered a fair chance at education, Ajoy started an Academy that stretches across Nepal’s caste system, offering education to children from a variety of backgrounds.


With the aid of global volunteers and their network of fundraisers, Ajoy has managed to start and grow the Academy to having over 250 students ranging from kindergarten / nursery age through to 18. Many of the ex-students are still involved in the Academy, both through teaching and supporting new students. Success breeds success, and having alumni involved in the Academy means that the students benefit from the knowledge and experience of the staff and volunteers.

After 10 years, Ajoy has seen massive changes in the Khanikhola region. With Kathmandu growing through the influx of tourists to come trekking in Nepal, Ajoy wanted to ensure that people could use an ethical trekking company, specifically designed to support rural communities. So in 2016, he founded the Superb Catalyst Trekking company, with all profits directly funding the Academy.


This venture enables graduates of the Academy to utilise their skills in business, growing a company that is truly Totally Local. Our location in Khanikhola is the gateway to Pokhara, enabling visitors to understand true Nepali rural life, and access some of the world’s finest treks, all from our home here in Nepal.

If you’re interested in volunteering at our school, or to assist our community in improving our Trekking & Tour company, read more here

Interested in donating? See what your donations can provide to our Academy and the wider Khanikola community