Firstly I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to you for your involvement with SCA. Your impact on the school and lives in our community has been amazing and we would not have progressed in such a fantastic way without you.
I am very excited to announce that with a lot of hard work and traveling to and from Kathmandu we have been giving the first trekking agency registration for outside of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Nepal’s first rural trekking company! And with a difference.

Our intention is to combine beautiful treks with a taste of Khanikhola and introduce people to our School project. Not only will our guest get a chance to witness real Nepalese village life they will see our school in action.
This is an amazing step forward for us as the Trekking company is not-for-profit meaning that all profits will go to sustaining and developing SCA, a continuous stable income for the school that we have never had and we will no longer have to solely rely on donations! I cannot express how amazing this will be for us as a whole community. The agency will provide jobs for the villagers of our community as well as career opportunities for our students – on the whole, an incredible project and development for us!
And all of this would not have been made possible without you and your support!! So thank you thank you thank you again!! We would love to welcome you back so you can see how your impact has made a change in our community and of course to come and trek with us!!
As it is a new business venture we need all the help we can get in marketing the business and getting customers excited and involved. Our global network – in which you are a vital part – has provided us with a solid base of support around the world and we are calling on it now.. if you know any travel agents, travellers, people who can help to boost and market our new business we would be extremely grateful if you could share and spread the word (we will offer commission to businesses who market for us).
This is the link to our new, fabulous website, take a look and see what you think (feedback welcome!) … please please please can you share with anybody you know that can help!
And finally for you – as a thanks for all your help and support…We would like to offer you a cost price trek – meaning you will only pay for the costs of the trek and nothing else! We have a range of treks so take a look and choose the one you fancy. If you bring friends and family with you, we can give them a 20% discount on the trek too!
We really would love to welcome you back to Nepal again and trek with you.

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