SC Great Mothers Programme

Our Superb Catalyst Great Mothers Programme is designed to give our student’s Mothers skills that enable them to lift themselves out from the poverty endemic to rural Nepal. Bina Rimal is the Director of this Programme, and is responsible for ensuring mothers of students have access to resources that inform them about the Great Mothers Programme and what it does.

Curriculum Pt 1

Family Management
Vocational Training
Waste Management
Health Education

Curriculum Pt 2

Kitchen Garden Creation & Management
Social & Community Education
Moral & Behavioural Learning
Coaching and advising

Our first students!

Solar Lighting

With power being inconsistent, the Great Mother Program sponsored by the Jashmin Foundation supplied its students with Solar Power, enabling the removal of dangerous candles from the student’s homes. 


Support for Mothers following Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake in April 2015, one of our Great Mother Graduates lost her home, so we got together and built her a temporary solution to keep her and her family dry. 



Vocational & Waste Management Classes