The Selfless Bunch High on a Hill

Who are we?

We’re the volunteers who came together at the right place and the right time to develop this website to tell the story of Superb Catalyst better than before, and to keep on telling it.

We’re a crazy bunch, each in their own way, yet we’re doing the right thing here.


Mattha Busby

Mattha Busby

Mattha is a world-renowned journalist, hunting out and tackling the difficult stories in our small world. Writing for publishers including, Mattha doesn’t shy away from a story, whatever sacrifices it may take.








20160816_183906Kumiko Ikeda

As a Barista, Kumi makes a mean coffee (not that you’ll find an espresso machine in Khanikhola!), yet she has the patience to teach Japanese to Nepali children and ventures into the community for us!









Greig StraffordGreig Strafford

Greig is a business consultant who has an eye for the global community, and apparently writes some tight text!