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trekkingSet in rural Nepal, Khanikhola is 25km from Kathmandu and on route to Pokhara, making it a perfect starting place to access all of our trekking routes. It is an easy and relaxing journey from the airport allowing you to avoid the hustle and pollution of Kathmandu.

Our unique trekking packages combine a valuable cultural experience, giving you a real insight into Nepalese village life with a stunning trek of your choice from one of Nepal’s famous routes. Our packages can be tailored to meet your needs and time requirements. Please contact us and we can work out an amazing package just for you.

With Superb Catalyst, you can be sure that your money directly helps the community through funding our work here in Khanikhola.

Our specially designed packages offer you the chance to stay in the village of Khanikhola and witness and participate in the day to day running of the school for yourself. In Khanikhola, you’ll experience real Nepalese village life and allow you to see exactly where and how your money is being spent.