Why volunteer at Superb Catalyst?

You’ll stay at #globalhome, a 4 bedroom house, built by Ajoy and the Community to host both volunteers and community members alike.

It has running water, a shower and a flushing toilet: rare luxuries in Khanikhola!

What do I gain from being a volunteer?

Learn teaching skills, or enhance your existing skills. Put theory into practice!

Witness community action occurring before your eyes and see the change happening

Be a part of something bigger than yourself, helping children educate themselves out of poverty

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What does the Academy gain from me being a volunteer?

The children learn not just from books but also from your skills and experience

A cultural exchange gives the children an understanding of the world outside their local area

Your skills can help in other areas. For instance, this website was created by volunteers!

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What does the community gain from me being a volunteer?

Your skills reverberate through the community like ripples in a pond

Your stay in the community brings much-needed external funds to local eateries and shops

You spread the word about being a volunteer encouraging others to come help here

You’ll find out why we love the kids!

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Read our Volunteer Diaries

Our volunteers write about their stay, and their experiences here at #globalhome, Khanikhola

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